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Rate shopper

Analyze the prices of your competitors at a glance in multiple channels. Identify variations and abnormalities in the offer and demand of your area.

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Online Reputation

Discover what do your clients think about your hotel. Find out about their valuations and use that information in order to reinforce strategic spots. We provide you with your position in the positioning of each OTA

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Parity Check

Reinforce your direct channel. Watch over your agreements with OTAs and supervise that they are accomplished. Improve the image of your hotel keeping the same prices everywhere.

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Hot Dates

They are included for free with your Rate Shopper, in order to not lose sight of the dates that interest you the most. Keep an eye of all the variations in real time of the prices of your competitors.

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Features in constant development

We work daily to improve our service.

Export data

Every information is available for you. You are able to extract any data you need in order to perform your own calculations. We want to help you to take better decisions in the shortest possible time.


You can access on any device (mobile phone, tablet, computer) due to its adaptive design. You can visualize graphically the most relevant information and jut out to the most detailed data.

Calendario Rate Shopper


We adapt to you. We will obtain the information of the channels that are most relevant to you. Implement the filters to the channel of your election in order to obtain the information you are looking for.

Price Optimizer

Set out the target prices that suit you. Create different prices with the help of guidelines for the different commercial strategies. Find out your ideal prize with our algorithm.


Increase your revenue with the optimal price. Save time and resources analyzing the prices of the competitors.


Ensure to know the prices of the competitors in real time. Stay ahead off call changes.

Big Data

Analyse millions of data in a visual and simple way. This way you can benefit from hidden opportunities and changes in the prices.


You can set the optimal price in adequate moment for every client. Increase up to 52% your RevPar with a minimal investment.

Integrated with main PMS

We are integrated with the main PMS, and we continue to expand the list.

PMS with which Dataria Revenue Management is integrated

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