Rate Shopper

Dataria's Rate Shopper dashboard
  • Check your competitor’s rates on the fly.
  • Detect variations in demand and room prices.
  • Filter the information by MLOS, channel and room type.
  • Data for more than one year ahead thanks to Hot Dates and our Extended Compset.
  • Realtime information.
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Dataria's Calendar dashboard
  • All the information within your reach: Validate your commercial and pricing policy against alternative scenarios.
  • Contrasta a través de la posición con respecto al precio objetivo fijado por el revenue manager.
  • Fast and intuitive value configuration.
  • Filer the information by MLOS, channel and room type.
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Hightlighted hotel in Rate Shopper

Compare your competitor’s rates on the fly

The Dashboard allows you to check the most important information in a swift manner.

Real time price and demand variations on all rooms in your area, as well as for your competitors.

An intuitive interface to keep track of the menus.

Dataria's Rate Shopper filters

Filter as you wish

The information you need in every moment.

Pick the channel (Booking, Expedia…), the minimum length of stay (MLOS) and the room type. All this is totally open for you to configure.

Double room, with views, suite… Use tags to get priceless information about the rooms you want, and study them in real time.

Extended Compset in the Rate Shopper

It´s now possible to see beyond your plan limit

Is the next Christmas Holiday beyond your current plan?

Not this time.

Keep an eye on your Hotels’ key dates with Hot Dates, even for more than a year ahead.

One day in Dataria's Calendar

The power of the intuitive

You can quickly see your position compared to the price objective with additional information about the zone occupancy.

The calendar is very visual and it transforms data into information that is easy to understand.

Data filtered by MLOS, channels and room type.

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