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How it works

What are Hot Dates and how do they work?

What are Hot Dates

Hot dates are created with the objective to monitor any important date and provide the needed information.

They are created outside your plan limit but they are updated with the same frequency. This way you will have the real time prices for the selected dates at any time.

Hot dates are free on all the plan. They represent a flexible and manageable Rate Shopper. The best way of doing revenue management for everyone.

What are the benefits?

Benefits of Hot Dates
  • A closer look: see your competitors rates in real time for the dates of your interest. More and better information.
  • Tailor-made: configure the dates as you please. Christmas, Easter, summer, holidays. All under your control.
  • 0$ Investment: try revenue without limits. Dataria offers the freedom of open configuration on all the plans with no extra cost.
  • Easy to use: with its intuitive design our system is prepared for all type of users.

For example

  1. A Hotel in Zaragoza wants to have the local holidays under control at all time. With its plan, 90 days are available, of which 14 are destined to the specific purpose View example »
    Example of local holidays with Hot Dates
  2. The Grand Hotel knows that its busiest time of year is the summer. That’s why they prefer the plan with 60 days during the months of july and august. View example »
    Example of summer with Hot Dates (capture 1)
    Example of summer with Hot Dates (capture 2)
    Example of summer with Hot Dates (capture 3)
  3. Cristina the revenue manager of a Hotel in the mountains. She is interested in knowing the price variations for the bank holidays in may, august, november and december. Therefore they have ordered the plan with 90 days divided into 4 groups of days for each holiday period. The 60 upcoming 60 days are being monitored, and at the same time she has 30 days of “Hot Dates” divided into the 4-holiday groups View example »
    Example of bank holidays with Hot Dates (capture 1)
    Example of bank holidays with Hot Dates (capture 2)
    Example of bank holidays with Hot Dates (capture 3)
    Example of bank holidays with Hot Dates (capture 4)

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